Casa De Pizza

Established in 1961

A Little piece of history

Mike and Phyllis Giovannelli moved their family to California in 1956 from Chicago. Mike supported his family by working for his brother-in law at "Paul's Pizzeria" here in Mission Hills. In 1961, Mike and Phyllis were able to realize a dream and open their own restaurant in Granada Hills, and thus "Casa de Pizza" was born.

Originally business was just set up for take-out pizza, but when people started requesting more elaborate dishes (spaghetti, lasagna, salad, and garlic bread) with a place to sit and indulge in those fabulous creations, the storage room in the back of the restaurant was turned into the dining room.

When Mike was a teenager in Chicago, he became the #1 fan of a new singing sensation, FRANK SINATRA. It is no big secret, especially after all these years, that Mike would ditch school to attend a show at the local theatres to be entertained by his idol, Frank. His admiration for Frank did not end when he married, had a family, and moved to California. He made friends with Sinatra's secretary, Dorothy, who kept him supplied with autographed photographs and front row seats at concerts and Las Vegas shows. Finally, the ultimate thrill came in the form of a simple visit: Frank and some of his band members visited the little known Casa de Pizza. Frank was impressed at the exhibition of pictures, album covers, and memorabilia that hung on the walls and tables in his honor, thus granting Mike and Phyllis permission to officially name the storage room-turned dining room, "The Sinatra Room.."

Over the years, the menu and the memorabilia have grown, and occasionally you might see a member of Frank's entourage enjoying a fabulous meal. When Mike passed away in 1983, Phyllis and his son, Vito, were able to continue the business and the famous "Sinatra Room". Vito bought the business from Phyllis in 1994, when failing health prevented her from continuing to work. Phyllis passed away in 1996. 

Casa de Pizza is truly a "family" run business, with our goal to continue the Mike & Phyllis traditions (try their specialty pizzas), and the "Sinatra" atmosphere. We, the family, continue this business with great pride and most of all, gratitude to you, our loyal friends and patrons.

Casa de Pizza- It's a nice-a place to feed-a you face!